Episode 9

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21st Feb 2019

She’s Made of Chocolate and Bronze, and I Just Want to Sop Her Up - Ashley and Joel Discuss Queen of the Damned, the movie

Ashley and Joel are back again with a review/discussion of the startlingly bad 2002 film, Queen of the Damned. We cover the amazing Aaliyah, the abysmal script, the absolute minefield that is creating a “rockstar” for a movie and more in this episode. We also discuss the news of our new showrunner, Dee Johnson. ​ ​Give us your feedback by email at articulatecoven@gmail.com or join our discussion on Facebook! And if you’re enjoying our coven, invite your Anne Rice and Lestat loving friends to join us as well.​ https://www.facebook.com/343611962668228/posts/779318719097548?sfns=mo
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The Articulate Coven
The unofficial podcast and fan community for Anne Rice's Vampire Lestat and the Vampire Chronicles.
The unofficial podcast and fan community for Anne Rice's Vampire Lestat and the Vampire Chronicles.

Anne Rice's Vampire Lestat and his Coven of the Articulate are some of the most loved vampires in literary history. This show covers the books, the films and the forthcoming tv series from Hulu, Anne and Christopher Rice and Paramount TV that gives us a peak at their world.

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